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I am Richard Hole and I have a plan that could help a lot of people. Please share this letter and give me your feedback and any suggestions that would encourage more people to share this message.

I am seeking to form or find a number of separate free groups to help people, and to provide a better system than the mainstream one. There are some unique ideas and solutions that should be more affective than most existing means. On a separate matter, I have a number of practical inventions that would help a large number of people if they could be funded. I plan to put any profits back into the community. I would also like to share websites with rare information that is important for people to know.

Below is a brief summary of the plans. If you, or anyone you know, can help promote, find or sponsor any of the following, it would be much appreciated. I can give those who assist recognition on my website, if they desire that. The ideas and groups below should also help us to find people who would be able to contribute to local charities and projects that you support. A network of people with similar interests should benefit the community greatly.

There are many totally different separate groups, ideas and other rare information. There is something for everybody. They include:

   Groups to research and compile a list of what is better than what is normally seen. For example:
1. Useful products, suppressed inventions, discoveries or ideas that work reliably, or are the best value for money. e.g. health and brain performance enhancers, healing therapies, pest control, water purification, pollution control and warning systems, air treatment, free or efficient energy devices.
2. A searchable data base of honest companies that are good to deal with, and another data base listing fraudulent or unhelpful companies.
3. A list of honest companies and methods that are the best to increase publicity for an article, advertisement or website. It would be good to find the most affordable and time efficient way to share a message so that the maximum number of people could see it.
4. Concise summaries of important information. e.g. summaries of books or websites that reveal the truth and facts.
5. A simple low cost test to affectively determine what the human body is deficient in, or has in too high a quantity, so that action could be taken.
6. A data base of people who are interested in supporting or sponsoring good community projects.
7. Extraordinary people would help us considerably, as their knowledge could reveal important truths and information to help us find what we need. They could work with us so that much more would be achieved.

   An inventors assistance society to help inventors. We need to find or form a large database of honest companies, investors and organisations that can help inventors. There may be many small databases of reputable people who are interested in new ideas. We need someone to help find them by possibly sharing a leaflet or letter with their emailing list. The small databases could then be combined to form a large database.

   A weather organization to improve forecasting and increase available information. My weather records are graphed out and uploaded live to the Internet. I am also trying to help people set up other weather stations. Unofficial records, photographs and stories are wanted, especially of extreme weather in the past. The website has many links to weather related sites around the world.

   Restore democracy and prosperity to the country. An independent alliance of candidates that agree on many good core issues could be formed, where candidates could still remain independent or in their party and keep their own policies in order to serve their own electorate. Examples of win-win solutions are listed to help solve the country's problems and gain public and media support. Many of the ideas are rarely thought of. There is a survey to find what policies the public wants. If these policies were implemented, they would help good candidates to be elected. A good alliance in opposition to the major parties could block bad legislation and vote for or lobby for good legislation.

   A Group to search for people who can produce the evidence that their prayers make a noticeable difference. God promises to help those who teach the truth and obey Him. For example, He should assist them in practical ways, such as making the correct decisions, finding what they need, and having fewer frustrating problems. The aim is to search for those who are obviously led and helped by God. If we can find them they should be able to encourage us, lead us to the truth and pray for us so that God will hopefully help us in similar ways. Then we would be able to more effectively serve God and assist others.

   Practical inventions that save time and money. They have huge advantages over other products on the market and include: a water saving irrigation sensor, super light tents with a revolutionary heat retaining option, backpack and seat frames that cool ones back, a simple low cost spirit level surveying tool and weather instruments. There are new tab index systems that attach to existing books and enable finding a word or scripture in seconds. They are also for people with existing tabs as they are meant to work together with them. contains information and photographs of the beautiful area of the world where I live on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns. The area is well worth visiting. It escapes many problems in the world such as natural disasters, wars, and terrorist attacks. The air is fresh because it is a country area. However, it is reasonably close to major towns and cities that provide services.

   Memory test. What will improve your memory?

   True Conspiracies and solutions on how to avoid them. A plan for a better system.

If possible, could you please share this letter with appropriate people. I can send you a plain text format to email to those that you know. Please let me know if you plan to share it because I have some suggestions that could help gain peoples' interest. When you share it, it could help if you write a short note above my letter stating something like “Hello, I received an interesting letter below that is well worth reading. Regards . . .”

I am willing to negotiate certain changes to satisfy people who can help with promotion. Any feedback is welcome.  I can also send you other letters that can be shared with only one topic or the topics that you prefer. If you know of any others doing similar things, please let me know their contact details as I would be happy to work with them.

A similar page to this is available in a printer friendly form that prints on one page.

Please see more information on any of these topics on the sites linked to or email through the below link.

Do you want me to email you a more detailed summary of the above topics, or any letters that you can share?

Any help to find what we seek will be appreciated.
Regards Richard Hole.

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