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Temperature controlling featherlight tents.
Rapid Bible tab indexer - finds verse in 4 seconds.
Rapid alphabet tab indexer - finds info in seconds.
Improved soap holder.
Water saving irrigation sensor.
Thermal super-light emergency/adventure/survival suits.
Hanging weather instrument shetler.
Wind distribution recorder (weather instrument).
Horizontal pointer and spirit level
Cool air backpack frame or back cooling cushion.
Air cooled cushion frame for baby carrier.
Air cooling comfortable back rest. Cooler than a cushion.
Other new advantage innovations products.
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Inventors and innovation assistance society.

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Index of Chistian sites, articles and press releases.

Startling conspiracies & facts of today. Have we all been conned into doing the wrong thing?
Lobby group for everyone. Many revolutionary ideas and solutions including help for small businesses and much more to help our future. 
Inventors and Innovation Assistance Society to give better efficiency and products and a better world? Correct technology will solve our problems.

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Bible Prophecies. Detailed summary.  
Are you really saved? You may be shocked!! Great Solutions Unlike seen Elsewhere! Answers on Why the Existing System Fails.
Christian forum with challenging questions and answers. You can help people turn to God.


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inventions with top science and techology
Advantage Innovations provides new, unique, revolutionary, affordable & practical products with huge advantages.

Unique quality inventions for everyone! huge advantages!

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Temperature controlling featherlight tents - Probably the world's lightest series of tents.

Unique rapid bible indexer - Achieve Faster More Interesting Bible Study with this revolutionary chapter tab index. Finds verses in seconds.

Unique rapid alphabetical indexer - Achieve Faster More Motivating Study with revolutionary Rapid index second letter tabs. Finds words in seconds.

Improved soap holder - Low maintenance soap holder. No spills. Deeper tray.

Water saving irrigation sensor - Quality, durable system to save Time, Money, and achieve optimum plant and lawn growth! Automatically waters only when plants need it.

Thermal super-light emergency, adventure or survival suits - Affordable, superlight, warm protection. Ideal for camping, fishing, exercising, emergency situations, rescuers, etc. Pocket sized comfort.

Hanging weather instrument shelter - It has advantages over competing systems because it is simpler to install, as it could easily hang on a clothes line or fence. The shelter is very easy to open and clean. It provides more accurate shade temperature readings than other shelters. A thermometer probe is mounted inside it, and the thermometer display can be hung underneath the shelter out of the weather.

Wind distribution recorder - Low cost, simple instrument to permanently record wind speed and direction distribution. Records maximum speed and frequency wind is at certain speeds and directions over any period of time.

Horizontal pointer and spirit level - Very light, low cost and accurate instrument that determines a point horizontal to you in the distance.
Dual purpose as it can be used as a spirit level.

Cool air back pack frame - Adaptable to existing packs, allows extra ventilation, cooling and comfort to your back and shoulders.

Cool air back rest - For car seats, office chairs, and lounges. Allows extra ventilation, comfort and cooling to your back.

Cool air baby carrier back frame - Adaptable to existing back carry bags. Allows extra ventilation, cooling, and comfort to your back and baby.

Other new advantage innovations products - New Products brought to you by Advantage Innovations.

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